Bonus Information

Playing slot games at ifreeslots is not only fun but a place where you can also grab wonderful bonuses and promotions and take advantage of. Bonuses not only boost and motivate your game play but also are beneficial as they help to erase losses or make winning sessions even better. Also helps you choose better casino as well as slots game which you feel will have better promotion than other.

There are many types of bonuses that you will find when playing slots games at the casinos.

Sign-Up /Welcome Bonus

You must have seen that almost all online casinos offer  welcome bonus to the new players. This sign-up bonus is extra money added on top of real money deposited by a player into an account. They can be found in percentages, like a flat 25 percent bonus on top of any deposit, or in fixed currency amounts, usually scaling in correlation to the size of the deposit. Sign-up bonuses are most often offered so that new players are attracted to play at their casinos and become their regular player.

Online casinos that offer sign-up bonuses to existing players typically do so in the form of a deposit bonus in order to rekindle lapsed interest. But then they  have wagering requirements attached. A referral bonus can also be thought of as a form of sign-up bonus, except it rewards people for getting their friends – who may receive sign-up bonuses of their own – to become new players.

Cashable Bonus

A cashable bonus is one that has become part of a player’s online casino balance and can be withdrawn just like any other money the player has deposited or won. It differs from the various types of non-cashable bonuses, which can’t be withdrawn. Sometimes the conditions that cause a bonus to be non-cashable are temporary, while in other cases they may never be able to be cashed out.

Two common variations of permanently non-cashable bonuses are phantom and sticky bonuses. The former refers to a bonus that appears as part of a balance but disappears after it is lost or a withdrawal is made. If a winning wager is made that includes a phantom bonus, the winnings are completely cashable, making it a useful boost for a single large bet. A sticky bonus always stays on the account until it is lost gaming, so its utility is in repeated use, cashing out the winnings each time until the bonus amount is eventually lost.

No Deposit Bonus

The exact opposite of a deposit bonus, just as the name suggests, is a no deposit bonus. This is often given to a new player just for signing up for an account and downloading some casino software, before any money is committed. No deposit bonuses usually can’t be cashed out under any circumstances, and are only usable to wager on games for a predetermined amount of time. At the end of the time period, the bonus goes away, and any additional amount can be kept by the player.

Monthly Bonus

Monthly bonuses are offers to existing players to reward them for their loyalty. These typically take the form of a reload bonus, which gets the player to make another deposit to claim it, but could also be a no deposit bonus or some type of cash back offer depending on the casino and the player. The most important facet is that it arrives at the same time every month, in order to show the player there is a good reason to keep playing at the casino.

Experienced players evaluate monthly bonuses before joining a new online casino just to make sure the sign-up bonus isn’t going to be the only good offer they receive for playing.

Monthly and weekly bonuses are not available at all online casinos and do vary in size from one casino to the next so be sure to evaluate this before playing if it’s one of the criteria you set before you want to play.

High Roller Bonus

High roller bonuses are typically those that are offered to players who are willing to commit more money on a first deposit. Generally these types of bonuses are less than 100% match bonuses and will likely be in the range of 40 – 50% the deposit amount. The size of the bonuses and the amount you’ll be eligible to will depend on the casino and the type of promotion. Be sure to read though the terms and conditions of any such bonus to ensure it is in fact what you’re looking for.

Refer a friend bonus

Refer a friend bonuses are awarded to existing players of an online casino who will refer a friend to the casino who will in turn create a real money account, deposit and then play. These bonuses are in the form of free casino credits that are simply placed into your existing account with an online casino. Refer a friend bonuses will generally range between $20 and $100 per friend that you refer to the casino. This amount will vary from casino to casino so it’s important to review the casinos details for this type of bonus.

Wagering Requirements

One of the most common conditions attached to bonus offers is a wagering requirement. This means that you have to wager a certain amount of money playing casino games on the site before they are eligible to receive the bonus reward. As an example, a $10 bonus might have a $1000 wagering requirement. Any amount of wagers that adds up to $1000, regardless of whether the wagers win or lose, is enough to “clear” the condition.

There is also usually a time parameter attached to a wagering requirement, so the player has only a limited time to clear it before the bonus disappears. It’s customary for online casinos to allow only one such bonus to be active for a player at any given time.

Free Time/Free Starting Bonus

Free time bonuses and free starting balance bonuses are relatively new concepts and currently only available at selection Microgaming casinos. The way these bonuses typically work is that a casino will give a player a certain amount of casino credits to play with and for a certain period of time. After the time expires any amount over and above the initially amount give to the player to play with is considered winnings. The player must then make a deposit and meet a certain wagering requirement in order to be able to withdrawal their winnings. The free starting balance works the same way only there is not fixed time limit appended to the bonus.

Both the free time and free starting balance bonuses can only be played in the download version of the Microgaming software client. It is advisable to read the rules of these bonuses which may differ from one casino operator to another and then start your play.

At ifreeslots you will find a great vast variety of slots games to play with many above types of mentioned bonuses to avail. If you feel one bonus does not suit you can move on to other slots game where you feel that the edge will be in your favour.