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Atlantic City Multi-hand Blackjack

Atlantic City Mutlihand Blackjack

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Atlantic City Multi-hand Blackjack is online pokies game with incredible visuals and realistic effects that create a perfect real casino atmosphere. You will find some fantastic payouts in this online game.

Atlantic City Multi-hand Blackjack is played much like classic blackjack, with a few extra spins to keep things interesting and open up new ways to win BIG! The game is played with 8 standard decks of 52 playing cards and the player is dealt 5 hands at the beginning of each round. You can bet on as many of these 5 hands as you wish and play with each hand you’ve placed a bet on normally. You can split each hand only once and there is no surrender option, so each bet is better be worth it!

The Atlantic City rules specify that the dealer must draw their second card after you draw your first and before your second, leading to a new dimension of strategy for clever blackjack players. With 8 decks in the mix, there are plenty of chances to create some strong hands or straight out get a 21 and win the round with one or more hands!

Experienced blackjack players who seek a real challenge that is thoroughly enjoyable as it is profitable will love Atlantic City Multi-hand Blackjack for its powerful options and the numerous chances it gives them to land those natural blackjacks round after round.