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Bunny Boiler

Bunny Boiler

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Bunny Boiler is an online casino board game for you to play and enjoy. The bunny gets to move as many times as the dice allows them, and each roll will only move the bunny up to 6 steps max. There are four different spots for the bunny to land on: A prize, a carrot, a jump, or a crossbones. Carrots are good for the bunny and help it along the way, and crossbones will end the rabbits life and therefore the players turn.

The starts with a mini rabbit that has to go from one end of the tunnel to the other. The tunnel isn’t your ordinary tunnel, as it is wired with all kinds of features that will engage the mini bunny before allowing it to get to the end of the tunnel. There will be attempts by the game to stop the bunny and turn him into stew, and it is all up to the player to try to get the little bunny to the jackpot. For every safe stop throughout the journey, there are multiple prizes that can be won. The mini bunny is going to be the one collecting all the money for the player, which makes this game a popular one among all.