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Hairy Fairies

Hairy Fairies

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Hairy Fairies is a Scratch card beautiful pokies game where you will find a  lovely garden adorned by lovely daisies and mushrooms There is a wheelbarrow full of empty beer cans and more a strewn around the yard. A smelly old sock lay atop the barbecue and a half eaten pizza making you all hairy fairy.

There are twelve of the ugliest, untidy, beer swilling fairies a person is likely to come across. These tattooed, beer bellied, bearded mob of unnatural, ruffian fairies will however, wave their bedraggled magic wands over players and fill their coffers with unheard of riches.

The player must click on nine of these saintly figures to magically uncover multipliers from 2 to 2500. As each fairy is asked to sprinkle their woofle dust over their multiplier it mystically appears on the nearby tree trunk. The players ante is increased by the value of the matching multipliers. If a player wins, the winning combination mysteriously flashes on the tree trunk.

Empty beer cans across the bottom of the screen make it easy to negotiate Hairy Fairies. The new card can allows the player to start a new game. A stake from 0.50 credits up to 10 credits is permitted and can be set on the stake beer can. Any winning pay mystically appears on the win beer can.

There are six different multipliers. The first four come up regularly and keeps the player going until the larger jackpots are hit. There are x2, x3, x5, x12, x100 and x 2500 multipliers. The range of denominations permitted to bet makes it a great game for the small gambler looking for some fun and the big gambler looking for the same fun and a bigger pay day.

The smallest outlay winning the major jackpot, increases their bank by 1250 credits. That same jackpot with the maximum spending ante will load the players pocket with a massive 25000 credits. It is advised to play the practice game first before taking on the hairy, burly fairies for real