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Set And Scratch

Set And Scratch

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Set and Scratch is pokies game that offers players two games, a scratch card game and an arcade style game. This is why when players open the game, they will see that the screen is divided into two parts. The part on the left is dedicated to the scratch card game while the part on the right is dedicated for the arcade style game.

You will place your wagers at the bottom right area by going through the different stakes offered at the Stake cell. You will click on the – and + signs in order to determine your wager. The minimum wager is equal 0.50 while the highest stake possible is equal 10.

After the stakes are set you will be able to start the game by clicking on New Card. Once  you click on new card, you will see six tennis balls that have a question mark on them on the left side of the game. You will start clicking on each of these balls in order to reveal the symbol that lies underneath them. They icons represent different tennis players.  You can click on each ball manually or you can simply click on Reveal All in order for all of the balls to be revealed at once. Players who succeed in matching three Tennis player symbols will be able to claim a reward. The reward depends on the tennis player matched. The minimum payout is 0.5x the stake while the highest payout is equal 5000x the original bet. After you finish the scratch card game,  you can move on to the next game.

The arcade game is found on the right side. It is a simple game of tennis where you will have to make sure that the ball lands inside of the tennis court and that it does not pass the white line that marks the borders of the court. If you succeed in that, you will earn a reward. The amount of this reward differs from one game to another. It is found in the red square under the game. You will click on that square before or after you play the game in order to see how much you will win if you get it right.