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Six Shooter Looter

Six Shooter Looter

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Six Shooter Looter is a pokies board game with a Western theme, filled with fun and excitement.  This pokies game offers you to win the big jackpot of 25,000 times your bet.

Before starting to play this game first you need to decide how much you want to wager and then click on the ‘New Game’ button. The spinning gun chamber acts a die which will indicate how many spaces you can move forward. Landing on a regular block does nothing and you simply continue on with the game. Landing on a block with a buffalo skull will end you chances right there and end the game. Landing on a Multiplier block will see you winning the amount that you wagered times that specific Multiplier amount.The further you make it across the board the higher the Multiplier values become. If you are able to make it all the way to the bank without being attacked by the Indians, or run over by the train, then you get rewarded with that 25,000 times Multiplier!

To have the full blast of fun in this game then turn up the volume on your speakers. The fun sound effects, coupled with top graphics and animation will make this instant win game even more enjoyable for you. As you move ahead in this game with patience you have to look out for the dangers, and make it to the end.