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Space Evader

Space Evader

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As the name suggests space evader a scratch card game is all about space and its activities. In this pokies game you will find a small alien creature which needs to get back to his ship. In order to help him do this you will have to roll a die a bunch of times and hope that he doesn’t land on any negative spaces on his journey.

This  space theme pokies where you roll the digital dice to get across a playing field where the ultimate goal is a spaceship. Not quite like a regular scratch card, in other words. Rather more like a classic board game.

You are a space man and the track leading to the spaceship is lined with traps to avoid. If you fall down a trap you make a new bet and start over. The track is also full of multipliers that give you X times your bets. You simply win your bet times the multiplier you pass, and the last passed multiplier pays. The game ends either by you falling into a trap or your 8 rolls are used.

The longer you make it, the higher multiplier you will pass, and the largest is of course the ultimate goal which is the space ship. Where you win 25 000 times your bet! with stakes between $ 0.50-$10 it is possible to win a quarter of a million dollars if you bet the maximum bet.