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Diamond Casino and Resort where you can turn your earned chips into cash

Diamond casino and resort

In news reports recently Grand Theft Auto (GTA) online’s long-awaited casino, the Diamond Casino & Resort, opened to players on and it’s coming with a set of story-based cooperative missions.

At this casino you can enjoy Virtual gambling activities which include three-card poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and Track Betting. The story stuff unfolds once players take ownership of a Master Penthouse atop the building. The posh suite is customizable, and it also confers membership in The Diamond family, which comes with a set of missions.

According to a post on Rockstar Newswire, that involves helping the Diamond’s owner, Tao Cheng, and the resort staff “protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates.” The missions are a series of co-op jobs that pays out awards for every completion, and players who hose the whole thread will get a brand-new vehicle. Additional work is available from the mission-giver Agatha Baker, the Diamond’s operations boss.

The gambling pays out with “a variety of prizes,” so it doesn’t sound like people are playing for in-world cash. This is probably because that currency can be bought for real money. There’s a Lucky Wheel in the lobby doling out freebies like chips, cash and clothes, with a luxury auto as a jackpot. The first one available is the Truffade Thrax. Those who want to buy their new look straight up can visit the Diamond Casino’s store.

Players can buy in-game “dollars” with real currency

Diamond Casino

In GTA Online, players can buy in-game “dollars” with real currency, and then convert their virtual dollars to gambling chips. The game is rated for ages 18 and over, but remains popular among young teens. The in-game currency can be used to acquire cars, weapons, and cosmetic items and used to play slot machines, roulette, or poker.

Some players reported that while they could walk around the casino area, the gambling tables were blocked in their country where gambling is illegal. Gamers had mixed reactions to the discovery that gambling chips can be purchased with real cash.

Popular British streamer Broughy1322, who was showcasing the new content on Twitch said: “They’ve done it, I can’t believe they’ve done it,” after finding that in-game dollars can be exchanged directly for chips. “They’ve gone over the line of what they would, and it’s a big problem that they allow you to buy chips with real money, frankly,” he added later as viewers debated the system.

Ahead of the launch, it was not clear if such an exchange would be possible. Gaming news site Kotaku speculated that chips would only be earned by playing the game – similar to the way it works in Rockstar’s other recent online game, Red Dead, and in many other games. “This way, players can’t spend real money or win fake money that is worth real cash in the casino,” it wrote.

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Rockstar’s not too clear on what the gating is, but it sounds easy as they want everyone playing these new missions. Moreover, those who link their Twitch Prime accounts with their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will get the joint for free, plus $1.25 million in-world bucks and a 15-percent bonus on purchases of Shark Cash Cards. According to Rockstar, more perks are coming soon while playing games. The Diamond has been an enormous, inaccessible, under-construction lot in GTA online for most of the past six years.