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New Custom Slots Now From BGaming Launched

New custom slots From B Gaming Launched

Recently in a news report BGaming has launched new custom slots for casinos and players. According to the press release from the gaming developer, “BGaming has found a way to make custom slots more attractive to players! The game provider offers a new concept of developing exclusive games for casino operators. It is based on a case-by-case approach and analysis of the players preferences”.

In total BGaming has more than 60 slots in its games lobby and offers slots to over 300 casinos worldwide.

Stages of New Custom Slots

New Custom Slots Now From B Gaming Launched

The new custom slots from B Gaming goes through several stages of development.

  • Learning the audience
  • Thematic characteristics of the casino
  • Full customization of the game

As a result, it is not just a basic slot with an updated name and logo, it is a completely new product produced with upgraded design, math, features and game settings. The big advantage of the concept is that the process of developing a custom slot doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t require a large budget. This combination makes each title unique and promising.

According to Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev department at BGaming, noted: “We adapt the slot for both the casino and its players. The process is very thorough, similar to tailoring a suit to order. But this approach has already shown its effectiveness. The basic slot for every title is a game that has well-thought-out math and is loved by many players. So all the new products might repeat the success. We cooperate with major casinos that have placed branded games by BGaming in their catalog. Now we aim to extend cooperation with casinos in this direction.”

New Custom Slots Now From B Gaming

Slots Now From B Gaming Launched

BGaming has released 3 custom slots in the past month. Each of them was developed according to the new concept. BitStarz Billion, released on the 22nd of April, is a classic fruit slot with 100 paylines and the custom Wild symbol. The animation and music parts were made exclusively for the slot as well.

With a 5×4 scheme, minimalistic design and lavish features, the Stake Million slot, released on the 30th of April, has gained the interest of many Stake players.

Following the retro-style of Pin-Up casino, BGaming paid particular attention to the design of the Pin-Up Million slot. The game got playful music, provocative colors, branded symbols, and some hot extra features.

Сustom slots by BGaming have become popular among reputable operators worldwide. The studio continues to work on new titles that will have exclusive design and features.

Fantastic Elvis Frog in Vegas as well as other BGaming’s recent slots are loved by many players all over the world and worth being shortlisted for the AskGamblers Awards in the Best new slot category.

Provably Fair Games

New custom slots From B Gaming Launched

BGaming is the  first major iGaming provider to introduce the “provable fairness” feature. With the help of cryptography players can easily verify that all game results are indeed unbiased and random

Provably fair in online gambling can be described as an algorithm which is used to analyze and verify fair play. Bgaming algorithm is based on a cryptographic method that ensures that the outcome of the round is unaffected by player’s bet and that player cannot know the outcome before the actual gameplay.

In provably fair before the game starts Bgaming can calculate the game outcome called Result. For each round Bgaming generates a random string called Secret just because they cannot simply show Result to the player. Afterward, the data is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm and the Hash (Result + Secret) is passed to the player.

Before the actual bet player can place the Client seed to special input. There are two options for player: using a number randomly chosen by the system or pick own number.

The actual gameplay is happening. At this point, Bgaming takes the Client Seed and applies it to Result. Applying Client Seed to Result is different considering the type of game you are playing. You can find the description of each method below. Once the round is completed BGaming pass the Result + Secret and Final Result to the player.

In simple words, BGaming calculate the outcome of each round before actual bet is placed and everything else happening afterwards is simply for the player to assure themselves of the game to be fair and unaffected by their bets.

Where Can You Play BGaming Slots Online?

Bitstarz casino AU

Bitstarz casino

BGaming custom slots have become popular among reputable operators worldwide, adding that the studio continues to work on new titles that will have exclusive design and features. You can easily find BGaming slots online at Bitstarz casino,, Betchain casinos, Microgaming casinos, Stake casino, Pin up casino and others.