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Pai Gow Winner grabbed $531,639 Jackpot at off-Strip casino in Las Vegas

Pai Gow poker winner

Some good news about a recent winner who grabbed a Jackpot win of $531,639 playing pai gow progressive jackpot this month. According to a news release from Boyd Gaming, the guest, only identified as Jesus, was playing Face Up Pai Gow Poker at Aliante around noon Sunday when he hit a seven-card straight flush with a joker, capturing a Pai Gow Poker progressive jackpot of $531,639.

Jesus said he had been planning to refinance his house this week, but will now use his winnings to pay off his mortgage.

How to play Face Up Pai Gow Poker?

How to play Face Up Pai Gow Poker

Face-Up Pai-Gow Poker more popular at Las Vegas Casinos. It is more fun and exciting to play. This game has no commission on winning hands as all main wagers push when dealer has an ace high “pai-gow” hand.

The Player has the option of making a bonus side bet which pays up to 30 to 1 when the dealer and the player’s hand both have an ace high “pai-gow” hand. This game also offers Fortune side bets and is linked in to Progressive Jackpot!

Face-Up Pai-Gow Poker is very easy to pick up, especially if you know how to play regular Pai-Gow or poker. The friendly dealers and floor-supervisors will be more than happy to help you, if you have any questions.

This game is similar to the traditional Pai-Gow Poker, but Face-Up Pai-Gow is much more fun because the players get to set their hand AFTER the dealers expose their cards face up and to set their hand!

Whereas in traditional Pai-Gow poker, players must set their hand before the dealers expose their cards. Hence the name “Face Up” poker.

It is a big advantage with any card game when you can see the dealer’s cards and then make a decision on how to play your hand.  After the dealers expose their cards, players have the opportunity to set their cards with the knowledge of what it takes to beat or push the dealer’s hand.

Rules to play Face Up Pai Gow

Rules to play Pai Gow poker

A single 53-card deck is used, consisting of the usual 52 cards, plus one joker. The joker is semi-wild. It may be used as an ace, or to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.”

Standard poker ranking rules are followed with one strange exception known as “the wheel” which is considered the second highest straight. Some casinos have dropped this ridiculous rule, but most still cling to it.

Play starts with the player making a bet. The player may also make an optional Push Ace High side bet at this time. The dealer will deal the player and dealer seven cards.

There is no player banking. The dealer cards will be exposed face up. The dealer will then set his cards into a 5-card High Hand and a 2-card Low Hand, according to specified rules known as the “house way.” The poker value of the High Hand must be greater than the Low Hand.

If the best five-card hand the dealer can make is an ace high, then the outcome is an automatic push, regardless of the player cards. This is known as an “ace-high pai gow.”

Otherwise, the player will separate his seven cards into a five-card high hand and two-card low hand. As with the dealer hand, the high hand must be of higher poker value than the low hand.

The five-card hand is ranked according to conventional poker rules. The only poker hand in the two-card hand is a pair or no pair, after which the individual cards determine the value based on the value of the highest ranking card first.

After the player has set his hand, then player and dealer high hands will be compared, and their two low hands. In each case, the hand with the higher poker value wins. If the hands are of equal rank, for example both two-card hands are ace/king, then the dealer wins the tie.

If the player wins both comparisons, then the player will win even money on his bet. There is no commission. If the player wins one and loses one, then the bet shall push. If the player loses or ties both, then the player shall lose his wager.

Note that this game has no commission 5%  on the main bet if you win. That is why all main bets push when dealer has an ace high “pai-gow” hand. Remember though, players have the option of making a bonus side bet on the dealer getting an ace high hand.

This bonus side bet can get paid up to 30 to 1 when the dealer and the player’s hand both have an ace high “pai-gow”! This game also offers Fortune side bets and is linked to Progressive Jackpot! For just one dollar, you can win the big Progressive Jackpot.