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American Roulette

American Roulette

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Spinning wheels at the Roulette table are paying out huge fortunes to those who know how to play American Roulette. Just choose your lucky numbers, spin the wheel and enjoy one of the most rewarding and entertaining games available at a casino!

When you sit down to play American Roulette for free, you’ll notice two major components—a board and a wheel. You can think of these as part 1 and part 2. Part 1 involves betting on the board. You want to put your chips on the number, combination of numbers, or color that you think will come up after the Roulette wheel (part 2) finishes spinning.

On an American Roulette wheel, you’ll see the numbers 1 through 36 spread out, in order, over three columns. You’ll also see a single zero and a double zero. In all, you’ve got 38 numbers to bet on.

If you choose to bet on the inside, you’re betting on what number the ball will land on. Betting on a single number yields the highest payout (30:1), but you can also spread your single chip over a series of numbers. The payout will be lower because your odds of hitting one of the numbers will be higher. In terms of groups of numbers, a single chip can be used to bet on the first column, second column, or third column of numbers.

You can also bet on the first 12, second 12, and third 12 numbers. And when you bet the outside, you can also bet on evens or odds, or black or red.

Winning at Roulette is as easy as waiting for the ball to drop and seeing if your number matches your bet. Only one number will pop up, and if your bet matches the number—whether even, odd, black, red, the exact number, or whether it falls in a group of numbers that you bet on.