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Multi-hand Loose Deuces

Multi hand Loose Deuces

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As you know in Loose Deuces poker game it takes every two in the deck and turns it into a wild card. That means high-card hands become pairs, pairs become three of a kind, and three of a kind hands jump into four of a kind territory. But your big hand is just the beginning. In Multi-hand Loose Deuces, you can play up to 52 hands at once.

The special features in this game are that you get paid out large if you hit four deuces, you have more possibilities for bigger paydays as wild twos in the deck and you can play between 3 and 52 hands at once.

Play up to 52 hands at once with Multi-hand Loose Deuces, at a value of up to $1 per credit. You can raise or lower your desired chip denomination and number of hands at the top of the game. To lock in your selections, hit Play. The game will reset with your chosen number of hands. Click Bet One to add a credit to your wager, and then click Deal to see your cards. Alternatively, you can click Bet Max to bet five credits on each hand and receive your cards right away. Only one hand will be dealt face up. Click the cards you’d like to hold, and then click Draw to receive new ones. Your held cards will apply to all the hands you’re playing. After you’ve received your new cards, you’ll be paid out according to the pay table.

Also in Multi Hand poker game you can set your own pace. Click the Menu button to access all sorts of settings, including SFX volume, game speed, and even playing environment size.