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Multi-hand Sevens Wild

Sevens Wild- Multihand

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The number 7 is what one expects in Sevens Wild Multihand poker game.  This game pays out up to 4000x your bet when you hit a Royal Flush, and a special 1000x your bet when you hit four sevens. Multi-hand Sevens Wild lets you play up to 52 hands-all at once. And every hand will feature the exact same cards you decide to hold from your first hand. That’s 52 opportunities to hit four sevens, 52 opportunities to win thousands, and 52 opportunities to let loose and go wild playing this game

The special feature in this game is that you can swap one card, five cards, or anything in between, you will find that every 7 in the deck is wild and you can choose your credit value-anywhere from $0.01 to $1

All you have to do is first, select the number of hands you’d like to play and choose your desired value for each credit. You’ll also need to decide how many credits you’d like to bet (up to five per hand). When you’re ready, click Deal to receive your cards. Only one hand will be dealt out face up. You can choose to keep as many cards as you like by clicking on the card to hold it. As you click your chosen cards, they’ll also apply to every other hand you’re playing. To receive new cards (if any), click Draw. Each hand will then be paid out according to the pay table, located on the left side of the game.

In Multi-hand Sevens Wild, you’ve got multiple ways to make the game feel like your own. Just click Player Options from the Menu section to change the size of your playing environment, lower or raise the SFX volume, and adjust your overall game experience.